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 Saba C-Transport, N.V. ~ Windwardside ~ Saba ~ Dutch Caribbean ~ Tel: +599-416-2299 ~ US Direct: +607-8-GO-SABA ~ Email: sabactransport@gmail.com
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Fort Bay, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Dawn II is based in Fort Bay, the only port on Saba and it docks at the Captain Leo Chance Pier,
which is located on the South-Southwest side of the island.

It is about a 15-minute taxi ride from just about anywhere on Saba.

If you are departing from Saba, our check-in office is located in the Harbor Offices building. Passengers are required to clear immigration and customs when departing from or arriving into Saba, which is right next door. It is typically a fast and easy process, just be sure to have your passports handy.

The port can be a hot spot with lots of action as it is utilized by the three dive centers, cargo vessels, the local fisherman, and incoming yachts. It is also a great place to swim, fish or watch the tarpons swimming by.

Be sure to visit the Saba Conservation Foundation to learn more about the Marine Park and the nature of Saba, they also have a wide variety of apparel and cool souvenirs.

The Fort Bay is also home to two restaurants, Pops Place and the Deep End (currently closed).

During the Saba Day festivities, it is where the local booths are for food sales and live concerts.

17.63° N, 63.23° W

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