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SUSOM Semester Special Trips
Get back to school on time, and with all of your luggage!

Due to peak travel times, SCT is offering additional trips on these dates:

Check-in at least 45 minutes prior to departure.
Check-in strictly ends 30 minutes prior to departure times for immigration purposes.
When departing from Dock Maarten, you may check-in as early as 2:00 pm and drop-off your luggage.

Taxi Services
Discounted Taxi transportation provided by Gizmo Taxi Services.
When arriving at Dock Maarten, Gizmo Taxi Services will be available for passengers that would like transportation to either the airport or hotels.
When departing from Princess Juliana International Airport, Gizmo Taxi Services will be transporting groups to Dock Maarten. Just look for him, he's the smiling guy holding a Dawn II sign.

If you prefer not to wait or if they have already departed, please select the next available taxi.
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2018 09 SUSOM Extra Trip