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Where to Stay: Saba
Where to Stay: Sint Maarten
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Known as the “Unspoiled Queen”, Saba is a nature lovers dream destination in the Dutch Caribbean.

Saba, although small at only 5 square miles; offers award winning diving, hiking and nature exploration. Winding roads lead to picaresque villages, charming cottages and churches. As one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, you will be greeted by many friendly faces. Visit Saba and take a step into a realm of the Caribbean like no other...

Getting Here

Saba is located 28 miles from the international connection of Sint Maarten which is about a 90 minute crossing.

Travel to Saba by sea accompanied by booby birds searching for their next catch, as flying fish soar over the vast sea. The luckiest of traveler may be greeted by dancing dolphins or even breaching whales. Keep your eye on the horizon, Saba mystically appears, rising from the ocean stretching into the clouds...